Electrocution Hazards/Construction – PART I – Hazard Types – V0001529ET

Over the years, electrocution has become the fourth leading cause of death in the construction industry. Contrary to common perception, it does not take a great deal of electricity to cause an electrocution. Just the amount of current that it takes to light a common Christmas Tree bulb can stop the heart and result in death.

There are a number of causes of shock, electrical burns and electrocution. If the power to electrical equipment is not grounded, the grounding path has been broken, or there are live parts or bare wires, a fault current can travel through your body. Even when a piece of equipment or a tool is properly grounded, it can instantly change from safe to hazardous because of extreme conditions or rough treatment. So employees need to know what hazards to watch out for and how they can protect themselves.

The first in a two-part series on electrocution hazards, MARCOM’s training products on “Electrocution Hazards In Construction Environments PART I – Types of Hazards and How You Can Protect Yourself ” discuss the major types of electrocution hazards, and how employees can protect themselves from electrical hazards and electrocution in construction environments. Topics covered in these products include:

* Electrical hazards and electrocution.
* Major types of electrocution hazards.
* Power lines and GFCIs.
* Power tools and extension cords.
* Lock-out/tag-out.

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