Electronics 101: What Is Electricity?

This is the first in the video series where we explore the world of analog electronics. As this is the first video, we go over what is probably the most important topic in the series, what is electricity?

The future schedule for the videos looks good as this video was on time. If you want to see the schedule, check out my blog, link below. The next video will be on Wednesday with Arduino Tutorials.

Next Video: Resistance is Futile

What I want to do with this series is answer some of your questions. So, every third video is dedicated to answering user submitted questions. So, if you have any questions, put them into the comment box below, or email them to johnnywasascientst@gmail.com with the phrase “Electronics 101 Questions” to help me sort through them.

As always, please check out my blog where you can watch the latest videos or check out my latest projects.

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