Estimating Software 1 Of 2 With George Hague – CEO Of ConEst Software Systems

George Hague – visionary President/CEO of ConEst Software Systems, shares his experience in the electrical estimation industry during this interview by ElectricSmarts BrainBank in their Listen-n-Learn Series.

This video is part 1 of 2 in the interview. Here George shares some of his experience as an electrician in the field, various speaking and training engagements he’s been involved with over the years, and how his experience as a freelance estimator brought about his design of IntelliBid in 1990.

This time saving estimation software has proven to be especially beneficial to electrical and data wiring contractors who have diversified wiring projects. There are many benefits of using estimating software, as it greatly helps the contractor/estimator team come up with reliable, accurate and standardized job costing for labor units and materials.

Contractors are realizing that just like physical tools, solid estimating software such as IntelliBid are a must have tool to lay the foundation for successful project management and job cost accounting.

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