Expert Clearwater Electrician Tells You 6 Surge Protector Safety Tips

Every years, thousands of fires occur because of surge protectors and electrical cords.

1st tip: Use only surge protectors that have an internal circuit breaker, which
will allow the unit to trip the breaker if it get overloaded or shorted.

2nd tip: Keep in mind that surge protectors and not substitutes for permanent wiring. Call the professionals
to handle any permanent wiring as that is dangerous and it requires advanced electrical knowledge.

3d tip on the list: For increased protection, replace all your surge protectors yearly.

4th tip: Never cover the surge protectors with easily inflamable carpets or any kind of furniture.

5th tip: Whenever a surge protector is broken, change it immediately.

And the last tip of this video: To increase your house’s surge protection use a whole house surge supressor. This solution is best used to
protect any high quality, expensive equipments or appliances, which can be easily lost in a second of a surge.

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