Fanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan

When I made this video, I didnt know the model name. I also didnt realize it was a DC fan which uses a different, very cool control.

(I still like the Levon better!)

Fanimation is home of the world’s largest (and presumably only) fan museum, with hundreds of fans from the 1800s to present!

There are a great many ceiling fans installed EVERYWHERE in the company, including every single office and cubicle. There is also a great deal of fan-related artwork and memorabilia posted everywhere.

I try to show and demonstrate as many fans as possible including some of my favorites: The Enigma (including a prototype version), the Air Shadow, the Avaston, the Torto, and the Levon,

I do not know the names of many of the Fanimation models, if viewers could comment with the names of all the models shown, that would be very much appreciated!

I buy, sell, and trade vintage ceiling fans. I also do commercial fan/lighting related projects, am connected with several major fan manufacturers, and work with the fan museum at Fanimation. I organize group trips to Fanimation and the museum. I am happy to talk to anyone ages 2-200 interested in ceiling fans! Like my Facebook page:

If you enjoy my videos, I welcome PayPal donations the proceeds will go towards acquiring more fans!  
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