FedExField Solar Panels Installed By IBEWNECA Electrical Contractors – UPDATED

Learn more about the groundbreaking FedExField solar array installation in the latest edition of Electric TV.

For many people, football means cheering on the home team and tailgate parties, but at FedExField, football now conjures up another image — solar energy. The FedExField solar project is currently the largest solar panel array in the Washington, DC area, and was built by IBEW and NECA electricians. Independent power producer NRG teamed up with NECA contractor Truland Electric and their IBEW Local 26 electricians to install the FedExField solar panels and prove the potential of solar energy on a large scale. More than 8,000 solar panels make up this massive and complex solar installation.

Not only was the project complex, it also had a tight time frame — as the home of the Washington Redskins, FedExField needed the solar installation to be complete and fully functional by the start of the football season. Truland Electric’s team of experienced IBEW electricians, who have done more than 0 million of solar installation projects over the years, made this goal a reality.

The solar array offers a source of renewable energy that supplies 100% of the stadium’s energy needs on non-game days, and 15% on game days. The FedExField solar installation also incorporated electric vehicle charging stations that are available for fans to use free of charge on game days.

The FedExField solar installation demonstrates the IBEW-NECA team’s commitment to quality workmanship, innovation, sustainability and renewable energy technology on a large scale.

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