First Test Of Our Biogas Converted Electric Generator.

Using the tri-fuel Type C kit from US Carburetion (west virginia company) I converted a new 2000 Watt Genset to run on kitchen-waste-produced-biogas on our porch. I regapped the sparkplug to 0.5 mm (0.02 inch) after installing the kit, and I put brasswool and cotton wool in a fitting in the gas hose as flashback arrestor and moisture remover. The engine started up after a few tries with the throttle closed and some priming with the regulator, but I needed to keep the regulator priming button fully depressed to keep it running. Perhaps the 6 bricks I was using for pressure on the gas collector wasn’t quite enough. Or perhaps one can bypass the regulator altogether with a low pressure biogas system. In any event when I tried to restart the engine I had a lot of trouble until I broke the pull cord. Now I have to repair that before I do more experiments. What I need to know is, do I need to remove moisture from the gas line? The cotton wool is impeding gas flow so if I can remove it that would be great.

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