Free Energy Generator Homemade 220v Attached To Bicycle.DIY Free Electricity Generator

Hi Guys here is the new video of my project “Free energy generator homemade 220v attached to bicycle.DIY free electricity generator.” from “Electrical and electronics projects” “E&EP” Channel.

This is a old style washing machine’s motor and i have converted it into free energy generator it gives AC voltage as well as DC by using bridge rectifier just spin motor’s shaft with regular circular motion
and it will keep continue giving voltage increasing the speed giving more voltage decreasing speed giving low voltage we can also use it as a wind turbine by simply connecting fan blades to it and will become a wind turbine and now i have attached it to a bicycle and it’s working perfect as you seen in videoThank you for watching my video and let me know comments down below that should i attached an engine to my free energy generator guess me and give me some ideas on which i will work Thank you.
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Note that keep your every part of body away from wires every where do not mess with high voltage it can kill you and this free eergy generator gives high voltage approximately 150V to 250V which is very dangerous for human any living things in the world
that can kill you and injured you and don’t spin motor shaft very fast when you are trying 12V DC electronics to operate with high voltage it can damage your electronics and i can not be held responsible for any lose of property,damage or loss life if it comes to that.

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