Fun : IEC Connector Lets Loose And…..FLAAAAMES! :D

ADVISORY: Mains voltage, 240v! It wasn’t just the IEC connector which blew up in this video. :-( You’ll see in this video, what else got wrecked! :-(

Yep, this is part two of when I fizzed-over an IEC connector. Part one was a bit disappointing in the ways of sparks and pops. I’m glad that the shake-reduction widget fixed that video quite well, as it was very shaky!

Right, let’s get this connected and fizz it RIGHT OVER. I WANT FLAAAAAMES! :D


This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY!
Anyone attempting to replicate anything seen in this
video, do so entirely at their own risk! **I WILL NOT **
accept responsibility(ies) or liability(ies) for personal
injury or death, caused to yourself or others, or for
damage to, or loss of property, in any way, at any

Also, while I was filming this, there was a thunder storm brewing-up off in the distance!
It was getting close and I was wondering if I could get this fizzed-over and up in flames before the storm arived….If at all!
Click this link to see if the storm arrived or not!


OK, so I crank things RIGHT UP onto the Full Range. On my little 10A puppy of a variac, Full Range is about 270v. I wanna blow stuff up. NOW ! :D

It’s fizzing-up quite nicely… The smoke is building, then… FLAAAAMES!

Yes! I wanted flames, and I got flames! YES, PEOPLES! :D I blew it up!
Did you enjoy the poppage? Want more? Click the link!


Sadly though, it wasn’t just the IEC connector that blew up in this video, as you’ll see when you watch the vid! :-O
Click this link to see its very own little video. :-(


Yep, I popped it! :-( The IEC connector fizzed-over, then took it out. Blew it to bits. Now it’s no more. Permanently ruined, never to be seen again in any more vids. :-(

On a plus-side though: I popped that IEC connector! Fizzed it RIGHT OVER. :D
How Ssssatisfying! :D

On that note, I do wonder if it is possible to fizz-over an appliance plug? You know, those moulded-on BS 1363 plugs that are only rated for five amps? :D

Shall I? Shall I get one (from somewhere, no idea where!) and fizz it to ruins? :D
Click the link to see a BS1363 5A rated plug get fizzed-up!

My goodness! That storm is on its way! QUICK! PUT THE TOYS AWAY, BATTEN-DOWN THE HATCHES! INCOMING! :D

Gotta go, It looks like it’s going to get rather wet around here!

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the FLAAAAMES!


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