Generating Electricity From Biogas Made From Household Kitchen Garbage

On September 7 2009 we made family history by running a 650 Watt 2 stroke electric generator on kitchen-garbage-produced-methane on our porch in Germany. The procedure turned out to be pathetically simple, calling into question why we have fight wars for foreign oil, risked our children’s futures with climate change and nuclear proliferation and the poisoning of our air, land and water when we can turn our “garbage” into clean burning fuel. The engine was converted using a 9 type A carburetor kit from

in a couple of hours on a Saturday. We are not mechanics or engineers and it was easy. The work consisted of removing the bowl float and drilling out the carburetor with a hand drill and stopping up all vents and holes. The only unresolved issues are how to lubricate this two-stroke engine (our 4 stroke kit won’t ‘t have those problems) and the best way to increase the pressure of the biogas. All are fairly trivial problems. The point is you CAN generate home power using your kitchen garbage and eliminate waste and filth and pollution and greenhouse gases.

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