Graphene/Graphite Atmospheric Electricity Collectors – Plus Horrific Hexacopter Crash!

While on family vacation I was able to swing by and check out this atmospheric energy test site. They have some amazing energy harvesting technology and encourage replication. I loved learning about the use of graphene in this system. Since the visit I have had a non-stop stream of new ideas running through my head, but before I can work on that I have to finish my new SJR build.

Message from Ion Power Group:
Disclaimer: Ion harvesting is known to generate lethal voltages and can be deadly.
Ion harvesting poses a particular risk to those not officially qualified and
experienced in working with lethal voltages.,,, in all their embodiments including owners and workers, are not
responsible for injuries, harm, loss or death arising from experimentation with ion
harvesting. Some aspects of ion harvesting are public domain/open source and some
aspects of ion harvesting are patented by The verbal
statements regarding replication contained in this video apply to the public domain/open
source aspects of ion harvesting.

LaserSaber online store at:
My previous work with atmospheric electricity:

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