Haiku Ceiling Fan Review & The App For It.

Good evening youtubers! This is my ceiling fan from Haiku. It has ordered them online I hope. This is a 3 bladed version. This ceiling fan is unique. It is better than the old fans. This is the automatic version where people move around. This is a sensor in the middle whole of the light. The light globe come in two colors black and white. I chose the white globe. It has installed today by the Spanish workers. There is an app called the senseME. You can download it on iPhone, iPods, or androids. I explained the app to you all. I hope you guys like the new air. Please rate and subscribe. By the way youtubers ceiling fan models are all the same in my house. I am sorry youtubers I hope the video stopped early because it has no more storage or maybe I made a mistake. Thanks for your supports.

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