Hampton Bay Alchemy Ceiling Fan And Remote Kit

This fan is in my collection, and I installed it in a testing room. I got this, Hunter Infiniti, and a remote kit from a house awaiting to be demolished. I actually got those few weeks ago, I just needed to repaint the switch housing because it got some scratches. That house is now demolished (as you can see in the last picture). And while I still had the paint, I painted one of my spare screws, and used it as a “no light” screw. When I went to the house to get them, they were already disassembled. The owner had to borrow a ladder to take down these fans. And he didn’t want to cause “fixture cruelty”, which is one of the reasons why he let me have them. Someone offered to buy that house, demolish it, and build 2 new houses on that property. This house is actually in Boston, MA, which is about 6 hours away, but I was able to get them! If you see a ceiling fan in a house that is awaiting to be demolished, PLEASE save it, try the best! Older ceiling fans are generally better than newer ceiling fans, so it’s not good to let fans meet demolition.

Anyway, the only problem is that one of the blade arms is bent down, which is causing a slight wobble, and some of the blades are scratched (I showed sides that are in better shape). All of the parts are original, except for 1′ downrod, and one of the canopy screws which I also painted. It is made by Sheng Yuan, and was also sold as Minka Aire Metropolis, but Metropolis doesn’t come with a light kit, was sold as Gloss White, Shell White, and Brushed Steel, and has a chain on side of switch housing instead of bottom part, so this is a Hampton Bay version. The light kit is made by Broan. The fan is dated April of 1999. The receiver is dated May of 1999, and the remote is dated December of 2013, so the previous owner must have replaced the remote (it also has a reverse button, but it doesn’t do anything). It has “245” sticker on each blade, which I removed since I thought someone just put them there because Hunter Infiniti had “245” written on rosewood side of blades. It spins too fast on low and medium, but the remote kit gives it better speeds. It makes some humming noise, could be because I installed it directly to a wood beam instead of electrical box, but it blows tons of air with a 188mm X 15mm motor along with 14° pitch. This fan is shown on all 3 factory speeds without the light kit, as well as all 3 remote speeds with the light kit. I also showed chain on medium as well as remote on medium, to show that it doesn’t speed up the fan, while wall/remote controls can speed up some fans with chain on medium or low, and/or with bad capacitor.

Video of Hunter Infiniti:

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