Hampton Bay Farmington Ceiling Fan

UPDATE 2016: This video has reached up to nearly 48,000 views (and I’ve been uploading a ceiling fan video on YouTube for 5 years now, as of early today March 7th, 2016 in the morning), and I wanted thank you all for enjoying my videos, and of how far I’ve come on YouTube! :D

Hampton Bay Farmington 52″ black Ceiling Fan. I got this fan about a year ago on Christmas day 2009,and I really like it. :D This fan is from The Home Depot, and my dad and I bought 4 spotlight-kit from the Home Depot too and put it on there too that day. The Spotlight-kit wasn’t originally black,it was originally white,my dad and I spray-painted black after buying it ,and it’s a 3-way pull-chain for the light. It was first installed December 26, 2009 (by my dad) that replaced an Encon Monarch (that half died on the day this fan was first installed). It didn’t came with the tag “Farmington” that was on the fan,I just put it on the fan anyway in late November 2010. The Fan and light are in 2 switches (shown at the beginning), the one on the left for the light,and the one on the right for the fan. It’s got Walnut Blades on the other side.

Here’s a link to an old video of this fan running:

Video is filmed 3/5/11.

Annotations added 8/17/12 at 7:52 p.m.

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