Hampton Bay Waterton Ceiling Fan

DISCLAIMER: When replacing a capacitor, make sure the new capacitor has same exact uf ratings as the old capacitor, and can handle same voltage or higher as the old capacitor, and make sure new capacitor is wired the same way as the old one (wire colors may be different as the ones on old capacitor, so you must wire them based on uf ratings). The motor may burn out otherwise. Also, the capacitor MUST be shorted out before being removed, capacitor stores charge even when power is off, and can shock you if you don’t short it out. The Channel of Random Ceiling Fans is not responsible for damage or injury or death.

4 blade demonstration starts at 7:25
2 blade demonstration starts at 12:33

This fan is in my collection. It’s one of my childhood fans. I temporarily installed it in my testing room. I got it from relative, who replaced it with Harbor Breeze Barnstaple Bay. The original capacitor was swollen and bad, and RPMs were like 120/20/0 for over 10 years (I actually do remember when it used to work well with original capacitor) so I replaced it with a new capacitor with the same ratings as old capacitor. And that was one of the reasons the fan was replaced. Another reason is that it made slight humming noise, and one of the guests got annoyed with “listening to buzzing noise all night” last summer (flush mounted fans tends to hum more than fans with downrod). Now, in this video, it is installed directly on wood beam without an electrical box and flush mounted fans installed directly on wood beam tend to noticeably buzz. This fan is made by Powermax Electric Co., LTD Guangdong, which is somehow connected to King of Fans. It had a sticker on the motor about removing packing mounts, but I removed it since it’s no longer necessary. The blade arms are sagging a bit and the blades are slightly warped. The motor can take 2, 4, or 5 blades. The bearings are good, and takes over 3.5 minutes to spin down with 5 and 4 blades, and over 2.5 minutes with 2 blades. This fan has slight wobble on high (rattles with 2 blades), and blows good amount of air. This fan is shown on all 3 speeds with all 5 blades installed as well as 4 blades and 2 blades.

Video of Harbor Breeze Barnstaple Bay that replaced this fan at my relative’s:

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