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Helicopter Powerline

These power lines had so much electricity that when I rode a bicycle on the road under them, I had to jump off because of getting shocked on the metal frame. Two different helicopters and inspection methods are shown. One is inspecting and photographing the lines and one is repairing them.

In this video the helicopters fly between cables. The pilot holds the helicopter steady in spite of swaying in the wind. Bird nearly miss the helicopter. It could crash into wires or towers.

This is dangerous work. One misstep could be fatal. It is difficult to fly a helicopter to begin with. Not only does the pilot have to hold the helicopter steady, he has to contend with winds and the near powerlines, which could cause a fatal shock or crash.

The person doing the work perches on the rail under the helicopter. He wears a special suit called a Faraday cage. He first contacts the wires and the voltage flies in sparks. One misstep could cause a fall or electrocution.

The pilot of the second helicopter waves at photographer

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