Heritage Lancaster Ceiling Fan With (non-original) Switch Cap

About less than a week ago, I went to try out the switch cap on this fan, it’s the first time I put it on here (not original to the fan, but it fits good on here), and I actually love it more than with the 3 light-kit (which I still have, and I’m still keeping too just in case), because it almost reminded me of what I remember seeing in some hardware store(s) which was sometime about like more than a decade ago, and almost at the same time it even reminded me of what I saw one time before that (sometime around the early 2000’s).

Anyways, at the beginning I decided to pull the chain to start it on low (on the wall control) as I LOVE the pull-chain sounds on these Heritage fans. It’s got some bearing noise, I’m gonna have to oil it again sometime (I’ve done that one time when dad showed me where exactly to oil it), and it wobbles a lot because the blades were a bit mixed up, but it’s taken down now.

Also I decided to do a remake to show you what it looks like when I remove the canopy and put the canopy back on (as it’s an ease-lock installation), I think it’s really neat, it’s even more easier than the canopy mounting installation on Hunter fans (like my Architect Series Plus that I got back in 2013).

Main video and installation video (and pics of it with oakwood) taken on the 26th, and rosewood blade video (and pics) taken on the 29th, using my blue Canon Powrshot camera.

Song at the end “Where’s My Thing?” by Rush, I DO NOT own this song! Copyright Infringement is NOT intended!

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