Home Built 12 Drawer Tool Box *Lights & Electric Outlets *Tour Walk Through *TALL BOY

I built this 12 drawer Tool Box complete with 5 Electric Outlets & Lights. I laminated the outside & painted some of the interior. I will show in detail how it functions with a tour.I designed & I built this box almost 10 years & it’s still in almost new condition. I recorded this video because this box has some good ideas that I know some may be interested in seeing & possibly using on their own home built tool box. Now days I have since upgraded my tool boxes, I have a wooded tool box with the triple threat casters & a nice craftsman 27 drawer. I now use this awesome tool box as a supply box to house things like tape, wire nuts & things of that nature. The box measures 84″ tall, 13″ deep where the drawers are but the widest point is 18″ and the width of the tool box is 26″ Maybe I should now call it the supply box,ha.
Hope you got a kick out of this little video…….I designed the box so it wouldn’t have much of a foot print, building up conserves space. The laminate is a red bamboo, the stainless steel is also laminate. It’s mostly built with melamine which is actually particle board that has a smooth thin layer of the actual melamine it self, melamine comes in black & white. Truth is I couldn’t afford the us general tool box harbor freight had and needed a place for all my automotive tools as my wheels started to spin . this is what I ended up with.

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