How To Add An Electrical Outlet For A Wall Mounted TV

Need to add an outlet above or below an existing outlet? This video explains how to do just that. This method does not require mudding, taping or painting. The gist of this is to run electricity from an existing outlet (by replacing the outlet with a new one) to a new outlet in the desired location. This project takes a little while but is worth doing.

Tools and supplies needed:
• Stud finder
• Outlet and Outlet Plate Cover
• 2 x Single Gang Electrical Boxes for Existing Work
• Several feet of 14-2 Romex cable
• Wire strippers
• Wire cutters
• Drywall jab saw or utility knife,
• Pry bar or large flat head screw driver
• Hack saw or reciprocating saw (to cut the nails)
• Phillips screw driver

• Voltage tester
• Electrical tape
• Battery powered light/flash light

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