How To Become An Auto Electrician

Hi my name is Grant Fortuin and you found my video because you typed in a minute ago How To Become An Auto Electrician.Wow this took me back to when I asked that very same question and at the time I was in grade 10.My dad’s car broke down one day and we had to take it to an Auto Electrician to repair.I fell in love with the trade and also wanted to do this type of work.I had no idea where to start and I then went to a workshop down the road from us and asked them if I could work over weekends there by them cleaning the workshop.The owner agree and thats where my caree started.I left grade 10 after completing it and enrolled onto a technical college and did my trade there.
I ended up working for over 25 years in the trade but had to take an early retirement as I had damaged my back in this trade.I was in the heavy duty section of the trade were we worked on trucks,busses,boats and ships.Having to carry your tool boxes and equipment up and down hills and ladders to get to the broken down trucks and boats leaving me with a back problem.I’m not sure if you are looking at this as a career.But I would like to show you how myself and my friends started an online income business.
We had so much fun doing this and made a fantastic income from it that we have a step by step blueprint showing you how we do this.So have a look at my website and see for yourself.

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