How To Become An Electrician- The Shocking Truth!

The first step on your journey of learning How To Become An Electrician will be to understand what an electricians job description entails. We work in a variety of settings and conditions. In the heat/cold and places very high or place small and cramped

Also you need a high school diploma or GED. —-Most electrician trade schools and apprenticeship programs require this level of education.

Get formal training —Attend a trade school, vocational school or apprenticeship program from the following:
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
National Electrical Contractors Association
Independent Electrical Contractors Association
Associated Builders and Contractors

You’ll learn about electrical theory, circuitry, mathematics, wiring, motor controls and other knowledge important to the trade.

Get a state license for your area.
Candidates must show proof of working as an electrician and having completed an apprenticeship program.
State requirements typically call for four to seven years’ experience in the trade prior to taking this test.

I hope this helps and clarifies what direction to start an electrical career.
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