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In this video, This Old House host Kevin O’Connor works with a professional electrician to install a ventilation fan in a bathroom. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Vent a Bath Fan Through the Roof:

How to Install a Whole-House Fan:

How to Install a Ceiling Fan:

Shopping List for How to Install a Bathroom Fan:
– bath ventilation fan, used to exhaust air from bathroom
– metal elbow, flexible duct and vent, for exhausting air from fan to outdoors
– duct tape, for sealing duct and vent connections
– nonmetallic electrical cable, for connecting fan to switch
– twist-on wire connectors, for joining together wires
– metal electrical switch box, for housing new fan control
– fan control, wall-mounted switch, for operating fan

Tools for How to Install a Bathroom Fan:
– drill/driver fitted with a 5/8-inch auger bit, 3/8-inch drill bit, and 4-inch hole saw
– drywall or keyhole saw, to cut hole in wall and ceiling
– fish tape, for snaking electrical cable down through wall
– pliers and wire strippers, for installing and stripping wires
– screwdriver, for tightening wire connections

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