How To Install A Garbage Disposal Duplex Outlet…Part 2

How to install a garbage disposal duplex outlet (Part 2) is easy…when you know how.
Are all garbage disposal switches created equal? Ha! No!!! Joe has come across a very good idea for what type of
garbage disposal switch to use & how to install & connect the duplex outlet….as the connections will NOT be the
same as for a regular wall switch that controls most garbage disposals…… You’re shaking your head aren’t you.
You’re now wondering what “joe” has up his sleeve to show you next, when it comes time to install the garbage
disposal switch….aren’t you! You thought you knew how to install the garbage disposal duplex outlet…yeah yeah
break the tab off between outlets & one to be controlled with a wall switch & one to be hot all the time….probably
for connecting up to the dishwasher…..whatever “joe”. I already know how to do this. But “joe” wasn’t going to
show you how to do it this way…..You mean there’s a different way? YES!!

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