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This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a quick and clever way to keep a home cool. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Shopping List for How to Install a Whole House Fan:
– whole-house fan, used to exhaust hot air from home
– 2×10 blocking, for nailing between ceiling joists
– 16d nails, for attaching blocking
– 1 5/8-inch drywall screws, for fastening plywood attic floor
– spray-foam insulation, used to seal hole in ceiling

Tools for How to Install a Whole House Fan:
– hammer, for installing 2×10 blocking
– circular saw, used to cut blocking
– speed Square, for squaring up blocking with joists
– plunge router fitted with flush-cutting bit and guide bushing, used to cut the fan hole in the attic floor
– drill/driver
– reciprocating saw, for cutting hole in ceiling
– wet/dry vacuum, used to catch the dust when cutting the ceiling hole
– utility knife

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