How To Install An Extra Electrical Outlet And Outlet Night Light

Installing an additional electrical receptacle is not difficult. I demonstrate how to install an extra electrical outlet by installing a receptacle mount night light.

The light I wanted to install would require I sacrifice use of one of my garage electrical outlets which I could not do. The solution was to install a new electrical box in the wall for the LED night Light and pull power off the existing outlet. All I needed was an “Old Work” drywall mount gang box, some electrical wire, the night light, and some basic tools.

I first located the electrical outlet I planned to pull power from. I then turned off the breaker to that circuit and removed the receptacle from the wall mounting box. I then located where I wanted my new outlet box (LED Night Light) to be and cut a hole in the drywall to accept the box. I ran wires from the outlet box to the new box and installed the outlet night light. I then reconnected all the power to the old outlet including the new wires from the LED night light. I flipped the breaker back on and the project was complete.

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