How To Install SMC Royal Flush

I had another installation video request, this time for an SMC Royal Flush. This video applies to most if not all SMC huggers, including the Emperor seen here, U-42, U-52, etc. These fans can be very hard to mount, as seen here at the wiring portion. Sorry that it’s brief, but I only have 6 minutes of video on the memory card.

EXTRA INFO: If you are installing these fans with a large light kit, the switch housing needs to be removed to allow the motor housing up to the mounting bracket. You can also connect the light kit after installing the motor housing. The switch housing is detachable via a plastic connector, be careful not to damage that connector. If additional video is required to show that, let me know.

Step 1: Install mounting bracket on ceiling in the position seen here. There should be a rubber piece that fits right where the fan will hang. If the rubber is missing, you should find something else that will cut down on vibration sound. If nothing is placed there, you may face a very noisy fan, and possible other problems.

Step 2: Take the motor and find where the ground wire is connected. That connection must be toward the front, or it will not fit in the mounting bracket. Slide the fan into the mounting bracket, being very careful not to pinch wires. Make wiring connections. You will see that a wire nut falls off in the video, for the sake of time I didn’t tighten the wire nuts properly, make sure that YOU DO!

Step 3: Slip fan out of mounting bracket and hold it close to the bracket. Using the other hand, push the wires up into the box, out of the way of where the motor assembly will go. Slide the motor back into the bracket, again being careful to not pinch wires.

Step 4: Take the hatch(that’s just what I call it), and make sure the screw holes line up with the holes on the mounting bracket. The tab without holes should be up, and facing you. Secure the hatch with two screws. ATTENTION! If you are missing the hatch, DO NOT proceed. You need the hatch to cover wires and more importantly, keep the fan in the bracket. Personal injury or damage to the fan may occur when installed without a hatch.

Step 5: Take the motor housing. There are four holes, two on either side of the housing. Line up the holes on the mounting bracket with those on the housing. Insert screws one at a time, do not tighten them until all screws are partially inserted.

Step 6: Install blades. I did not have time to show this part, but it’s a very straight forward procedure.

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