How To Install The Farmington Ceiling Fan

This video covers the entire installation process for the 52in Farmington Ceiling fan.

Removing the Mounting Bracket 2:33
Routing the Wires – Standard Downrod Mount 3:34
Trimming the Wires 5:42
Preparing for Close-to-Ceiling Installation (Installation with no Downrod) 6:16
Installing the Slide-On Mounting Bracket 8:11
Hanging the Fan – Standard Downrod Installation 8:43
Hanging the Fan – Close-to-Ceiling Installation 9:23
Wire Connections 9:49
Attaching the Canopy & Canopy Ring 11:28
Attaching the Blade Arms 12:41
Attaching the Blades 13:55
Attaching the Pull Chain Extension 14:49
Operating Your Fan 15:03

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