How To Make A Microwave Transformer Woodburning With Electricity Lichtenberg Figuresetup

How to make and wire the Microwave transformer for Lichtenberg Figure burning wood with electricity. I published the viking chair project on the Instructables website the other day and had a few questions asking about the Lichtenberg Figure and the Microwave transformer setup. Ive put together a simple video showing how mine currently is set up.
Go here for a DIY on how to make Polyester Resin Glow in the Dark mixture to backfill your etchings
Celtic / Viking chair Instructions here

My soldering iron broke the other day so i had to just twist the wires together, probably a bit of volt drop there so make sure to solder as many points as you can.

Take care doing this, electricity at these voltages is dangerous. Always follow a procedure of power off and unplug at all times.

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