How To Move An Electrical Outlet Behind The TV – How To Mount A TV To The Wall Part 3

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How to move an electrical outlet over 4 studs
0:47 Boom – The wire is in.
What you need – A cut in box
1:50 Tip – do not knock the tabs out.
Take your time it is just getting the wire into the cut in box one at a time.
4:26 Secure the box to the wall by tightening the screws on the box.
Tools needed – Screw driver
Tools needed – wire strippers.
5:55 ground the wires
Tools needed – linesman’s plyers – make a linesman’s splice
What you will need – Ground Clamp
Tools needed – Crimping tool
8:00 – Crimp the ground clap.
What you will need – Plug box
9:00 “I am not a paid actor I am a real installer”
9:20 How to make a whip:
You will need Wire Nuts (I like Red).
9:45 Line up the black wires and twist on the red wire nut.
10:03 Tuck the red wire nut cap into the box.
10:26 Do the same thing for the white wires.
11:30 Twist on the Red wire nut. When the wire begins to twist together is when the wire nut is tight enough.
12:02 Cut the whips to length – about 4 to 5 inches long out of the box.
12:26 Bend hook on end.
12:58 White wire goes on silver and black wire goes on gold – ground on the bottom green screw.
Tip when you tighten the screws you want the hook to get sucked into the outlet.
13:52 Pro Tip – Tighten all of the screws on the outlet just to make sure that there is no risk of a short.
14:02 Push in side of the box. Take your time and make sure that the ground wire is not touching any of the other screws.
14:33 Tighten the screws to the box.
14:49 Make sure the outlet stays straight.
15:18 Put face plate on.
16:00 Outlet behind TV
What you need – cut in box
17:05 Strip the cable – bit the end with your stripers pull the outer white jacket cut off excess paper and cover – Cut the wire to a length about 4 inches out of the box. Strip and hook the wire.
Note this is a recessed electrical outlet.
18:56 – Who knows who did what with these screws and then put them in your mouth.
20:30 Drilling blindly tips
Put the TV on the wall
21:20 Plug it in first.
21:44 This step may require 2 people. (Thanks Joey)
22:00 Lock the TV to the wall mount.
22:40 Zip tie the power cable to the back of the TV.
24:45 Remember all installation are different.

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