How To Remove An AC Electrical Outlet…Part 1

How to remove an AC electrical outlet (Part 1) is easy…when you know how. You don’t have
to be an electrician in order to remove an AC unit outlet. Make sure the power is off though! If you remove the
AC outlet, step by step, you’ll be able to do it. Joe has prepared this short instructional howto video series
with you in mind! He wants to take the doubt out of your mind with you thinking you can’t remove the electrical
outlet to the AC unit. Why would you want to remove the AC outlet anyway? Well… might have a broken &/or
defective electrical AC outlet. Or there might be a loose wire nut or connection in the existing AC outlet
junction box that you need to check out. Or you might even want to install something like a 4 hour timer to your
AC unit. Why would you have to remove the existing AC outlet for that….? Ha! Joe will shortly have those videos on his
channel too! Anyone out there want to save money on their monthly electricity bill?

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