How To Replace Ceiling Fan Bearing In Under 5 Minutes

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How to Replace Ceiling Fan Bearing in under 5 Minutes

How to Replace Ceiling Fan Bearing

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Date: 30th July 2016.

Good Morning Good People This is Evewin Lakra Back with another interesting BLOG POST.

Today I’m writing about “How to Replace Ceiling Fan Bearing in under 5 Minutes”

Yesterday (Date:29th July 2016) we did this project in our house.

My Room Ceiling Fan was making noise so I called up my Local Electrician (Mr. SOPON) who informed me that the “Ceiling Fan Bearing” has to be CHANGED to fix my Fan Noise Issue.

I’ve bought the ORIGINAL SKF Brand Bearing from my LOCAL Automotive Parts Store & Installed the New Bearing in my “Ceiling Fan”

Here are the STEPS involved to Change the Bearing of your Ceiling Fan.

Step 1:
REMOVE the Bolt-PIN.
UnScrew the BOLT.

Step 2:

Step 3:
Open the
Fan Body Cover.

Step 4:
A “Puller” Tool is Used to
Remove the Bearing.

Step 5:
Bearing No.1 is OUT
Time to Remove
Bearing No.2

Step 6:
Bearing No.2
is also Out

Step 7:
Time to Install NEW-Bearing

Two Different Size Bearing has to be Installed in SINGLE Ceiling FAN.

Bearing No.1
6201-2RS1 (280M)

Bearing No.2
6202-2RS1 (274L)

Step 8:
NEW-Bearing Installed.

Assemble the Fan Back

Step 9:
Bolt the Ceiling Fan
Don’t forget to Put the Bolt Pin Back.

Step 10:
Connect The Wires

Time To TEST

Mission Accomplished

Now Your Fan Runs
as SMOOTH As Brand New.

Now the Fan is Running “Super-Smooth” (Like Brand New)
Thanks to the Original “SKF BRAND” Bearings.

In future I’ll write about How you can “Differentiate” between
FAKE “SKF BRAND” Bearings & Original “SKF BRAND” Bearings.

So don’t forget to Keep an eye on my Youtube Channel & my Blog.

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