How To Setup A Powerline Network In Home Electric Outlet

How to setup Homeplug or powerline network via home electric outlet.

Powerline adapter is also called Homeplug.
+ Before install powerline in your home power outlet, you have to make sure it is correct power usage requirement.
+ My example used 2 different brands but it was same ISO standard.
You also have to be careful to choose powerline networking adapters and accessories that use the same standard.

– Easy to plug and play without experience to setup
– Use electric power line to transmit data
– No need to wiring CAT5 cable
– It can provide a stable, reliable connection throughout your home
– No intefier like WIFI
– You can move powerline adapter in the big house or basement easily which WIFI signal is hard to reach or intefier by microwave.
– If you have internet connection, you can access to internet with almost no lag.

– If you are live in apartment, same bulding, or home share with other families with the same circuit breaker, It is not safe for your network. Other intruder or neighbor can access to your network via powerline or hack to your network to minitor your communication.
– The performance can be impacted by home power usage.

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