How To Wire A 240 Volt Outlet – DIY Install A 220 Volt Outlet – NEMA 6-20 20 AMP Circuit Breaker HD

In this video I walk through the steps of wiring a 240v outlet for use with a Craftsman 4.5 HP air compressor. Many people still refer to 220 volts, however my understanding is that we’re pulling (2) 120 volt lines together out of phase which brings us to 240 volts. The motor on this compressor draws 16 amps. For this job I used 12-2 wire (12 gauge), a NEMA 6-20 outlet, and a 20 amp 2 pole breaker. Please use caution any time you’re working with electricity. If you are not comfortable working with electricity please do not attempt this project. Consult the manual for specifications on current draw and distance. Some devices will require a heaver breaker and possibly heavier gauge wire. Someone pointed out that my previous version of this video was posted at a low quality, so I’m re-porting at the higher resolution.

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