How To Wire An Elecrical Outlet (Important Tips) — By Home Repair Tutor

Do you need to replace electrical outlets? If you own a home you’ll have to do this project a few times.

Recently I was at a party and my friend Denise asked me to do this tutorial One of her outlets wouldn’t hold electrical plugs.

So I decided to make this video to share some basic outlet wiring tips.

Test your outlet with a receptacle analyzer before you turn the electricity off at the panel or fuse box.

This little tool will tell you how your outlet is wired and if you should be aware of any wiring issues.

Then you can turn off the power and remove the outlet from the electrical box. But double check the power is off by using a non-contact voltage tester. Press the voltage tester against every wire in the electrical box.

You’d be surprised how many times the breaker you think goes to the outlet doesn’t.

Check out my video for more tips and how to wire a standard 15 amp outlet.

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