Hydraulic Ram Pump – Pure Spring Water Pumping System For Drinking – No Electricity Works On Gravity

A working hydraulic ram pump system for pumping spring water uphill to drink, I believe for every 10 feet of pressure downhill you get 100 feet of push uphill, We are pushing it to the limit by pumping over 700 feet uphill.

Oh, excuse me, I said a 350 piston insted of a 350 Valve or Lifter.

This shows how you can pump uphill and get free natural spring water from a spring flowing naturally out of the ground or in this case, pure water out of the the side of a mountain that is downhill from a house or the place you wish to have your spring water pumped up to, and with no electricity, gas or fuel or any kind of power supplied to the pump, the Hydraulic Ram is designed to push the water uphill from the weight of the water in the holding tank or water reservoir, the holding tank gives the extra pressure needed to the hydraulic ram by means of gravity from the weight of the water, also another function of the holding tank is to supply a steady and consistent flow of water to the Ram, So even if the water level drops a bit in the holding tank, as in a dry spell, you will still have full volume of water flowing down the pipe that leads to the Ram to keep it functioning properly and without any air bubbles disturbing the input of water, note, if the water level gets very low the hydraulic ram will slow down automatically as an indicator and you will notice a pulse in your water output, also you will have a slower water output, so the holding tank is essential for maintaining a steady input of water and allows the hydraulic ram to work longer under stressful conditions.

I have now measured the black pipe from the holding tank to the hydraulic ram and it is 40 feet, now as its stated above, the rule of thumb is that the Ram will pump water uphill 100 feet for every 10 feet of pressure from gravity, which is achieved from the length of the input pipe traveling downhill from the water tank to the Ram, so we have 40 feet here and we should be able to pump water uphill 400 feet, and its pretty close to these numbers, this setup actually travels farther in distance but the actual height is very close, the output pipe of this setup immediately travels very steep uphill 200 – 300 hundred feet then tapers off for another 400 – 500 feet, but this tapering off is a proximity 100 feet in height which gives us a little under 400 feet. just remember we are pushing this water a very long distance as well, but we end up with a nice flow of natural spring water flowing out of our sink fossett.

You can see the flow of water coming out of the fossett in the next video, just follow the video response down below, its a short clip.

If you have any question I’d be more than happy to answer them or give my best opinion, Thank You for watching.

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