IEC 2016 Tagalog

– A most moving image of this power of the Eucharist is Pope Francis’s breaking of bread with survivors of Superstorm Haiyan last January 2015 in Tacloban, Philippines. There, amidst very wet, windy, and trying conditions brought about by another tropical storm that was on signal number 2, he came, oblivious of the dangers and inconveniences. Who can forget the Pope covered with yellow raincoat over his liturgical vestments? Who can remain dry eyed as he spoke words of mercy and compassion?

This is only the second time it will be held in the Philippines. The first and only time was in Manila in 1937 when a seven year old boy named Ricardo Vidal received first communion. Gaudencio Rosales, a four year old, witnessed the event. Who knows what graced surprises await the pilgrims of the 51st IEC in Cebu? –

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