Industrial Field Plug And Socket Assembly Machine Connector Pin Insertion Machine

Plug and socket assembly machine KH-PS08 was design and manufacture by Shenzhen CONANS automation technology Co.,Ltd`s enginners team.

The orginal of CONANSautomation started its business since 2009 with its production line included machinng parts as well as simple-structure machines. In 2009, we employed strategical development of enterprise transformation and upgrading and envolved with automation design, engineering and manufacturing, Then in 2015, it was acquired by CONANS INDUSTRIAL GROUP and fully focus on assembly automation solution as well as assembly machine design, manufacturing, trading, service and support.

Thanks to its reliable and stable quality of full-custom assembly machine as well as overall service strategies, CONANSautomation won a good repurtation among our customers.

Connector assembly automation:
RJ Connector assembly, electronic connector assembly machine, terminal block assembly machine,AC/DC Power Jack Assembly machine,USB Connector assembly machine,Pin Header & Female Header assembly machine;HDMI connector assembly, FPC connector assembly machine, IDC Connector assembly machine, SFP Connector assembly machine,SCART Assembly machine;

Switches Assembly Automation:
Rocker switch assembly machine,thermostat switch assembly machine,round switch assembly machine, push button switch assembly machine, keyboard switch assembly machine, slide switch assembly machine, toggle switch assembly machine, mirco switch assembly machine, rotary switch assembly machine, DIP switch assembly machine etc.

Electrical Assembly Machine:
Electrical Pluger Assembly Machine, Electrical Socket & Receptacle Assembly Machine, Mini Box Assembly Machine, Power Base Assembly Machine,Distribution Box Assembly Machine, Switch Box Assembly Machine,Fuse Holder etc.

Plastic Assembly Machine:
Plastic Printing Machine,Plastic Insertion Machine, Plastic Ultrasound Welding Machine, etc

Hardware Assembly Machine:
Automatic Screw Drive Machine,Automatic Forming Machine, Automatic Tapping Machine, Automatic Riveting Machine,Automatic Drilling Machine;

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