Installation Of Built-in Spot Light Support Box In CONCRET CEMENT CEILINGS . Without False Ceiling.

The new spotlight support box TEKPF03A is able to solve a widespread problem to the installers: in fact they often used to be asked by their customers to light rooms with in-built spotlights, even if no false ceiling was available.
The workers could not find suitable framings (with appropriate diameters) and could not install them correctly, therefore the final result of the spotlight installation was almost always impaired so much as to damage the electricians work. Consequently they have always been very reluctant to accept such requests and have tried to avoid such type of installation as much as possible.
The spotlight support box is the right solution to all the troubles mentioned above and thanks to the specially provided applying tool it offers new job opportunities to the installers in the electric and lighting engineering sectors.
The spotlight support box is also suitable for house use. Considering the fact that the yearly Italian use amounts to a total of about one million items (mostly installed in commercial buildings where the use of false ceilings is more widespread), it is apparent that a simple, practical and inexpensive method which allows a proper installation also in private rooms such as corridors, bathrooms, stairwells, etc. gives a strong impulse to the market potentialities by offering excellent economic opportunities to every operator in the field.
The spotlight support box can also be used as a protective element for the spotlight during ceiling or plasterboard installations. This new special box (tekpf02) can be easily fixed to the spotlight by means of its specific configuration. This way, you can prevent the spotlight from being isolated under some probable thermal insulation of the false ceiling. Moreover, it is protected from dust and accidental schocks and so is the electric connection.

The element is characteristic to lodge electric or electronic variable diameter equipment from 50 mm to 105. The big versatility together with the simple and quick application system for the installation, allow a huge use above all into the civil buildings which do not have a false ceiling of:
-Built-in spotlights
-Loudspeakers for loud diffusions
-Anti theft sensors
-Smoke detectors
-Emergency lamps
-Methane gas detector
-Motorised telecameras.
These articles, if conformed to the use of our box could better suit for total built-in installation reaching aesthetic solutions more appreciated in the civil buildings.
We search for producers of the above-mentioned articles which believe in our product and wish to evaluate it to insert it in its accessories range.

Tekno soluzioni srl italy
Installation of the spotlights
using the spotlight support box TEKPF03
These support boxes are appropriate for the following installation type:
– in false-ceilings or walls in masonry or reinforced concrete
– for round small/medium spotlighs ( from 50mm to 150mm)
– for which you know at least aproximativelly the diameter
– When the coverage of the brick is made using plaster of about 1 cm thickness
– When the installation in reinforced concrete must be done at once or it is already finished
– It is possible to install them using the appropriate application system
During the phase of building design the spotlights can be positioned in reinforced concrete,
before it is finalised. For example, the spotlights can be installed in stairwells between floors,
or wherever the ceiling or floor is made specially to house the spotlights.

In this case as well, use the spotlight support box appropriately cut to the diameter of the hole and the support feet..

Nail the support box to the armour form in the place where the spotlight to be installed must be positio-ned.

Also fasten the box to the reinforcing rods and position the tubes for the electrical supply cables.

Before the drop, make sure any parts which should be protected from con-crete penetration, such as tube-box connections, are sealed.

Wherever it is necessary for this type of installation, seal the crack between the box
and the cover with silicone.

On removal of the form, the position of the spotlight hole can be identified by observing the two nails originally hammered in

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