Installing A Ceiling Fan – Time Lapse Video Using Triggertrap And Canon T4I


The “honey do” project from hell. I took down five ceiling fans that had been installed on an open porch for over 20 years. I will be replacing them with three new ceiling fans and probably two overhead lights.

I chose a wet application ceiling fan from Lowe’s at a cost of for the fan and for the down tubes. The installation instructions which were actually pretty good optimistically stated that the installation should take around 20 min. — yeah right…

If you were a professional and if everything went absolutely correct on new work. The biggest problem is that my electrical boxes in the porch ceiling were broken and filled with an accumulation of 20 years of mud Dauber nests. It was necessary to install a new electrical box from underneath without the capability of flange nailing into the overhead ceiling joist. It can be done but it’s tricky.

At any rate I got first fan up properly — the wife should be happy. One down and at least two to go — I’ll probably time lapse them also to see if I get better.

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