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Air conditioning is expensive! Check out this video to see how to use a simple fan install to reduce cooling and even heating costs!

Installing a ceiling fan is simple and can save you a lot of energy use down the run. With our eventual goal to be off grid and use only wind and solar to run our home we need to start thinking about energy savings and that means no air conditioning!

I am using a retractable ceiling fan in this project that hides the blades when not in use. You can find a similar one here – on Amazon. I like this type since it looks more like a light fixture when not is use but you can find much cheaper styles at any home store or on Amazon like this one –

When installing a ceiling fan the main thing to know is what kind of electrical box is in the ceiling. It is best if it is metal and also needs to span the joists and attach to both dies. If you have a regular plastic light box you will need a kit like this one – to make the installation safe.

Once you have the proper box installed it is just a matter of following the instruction that come with the fan to secure it and get things up and running.

Ceiling fans can help reduce or eliminate the use of your air conditioning by using them in hot spots like bedrooms and living areas. They can also reduce heating costs especially in homes with wood burners or base board heat. Running a fan on low keeps air circulating and brings the hot air from the top few feet of the room down to the living space below.

Start thinking ahead and reduce energy costs and use wherever you can. Can you go until July without running the AC this year?

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