Installing A Cutin Electrical Outlet Box Dilemma…Part 7

Installing a cutin electrical outlet box dilemma (Part 7) is easy to figure out…
when you know how. Joe has an electrical cutin outlet box to install in a wall but the funny thing is, there is a
fire block smack dab in the way! Now how is “joe” going to install this cutin electrical outlet box you’re
wondering? You’re wondering this, aren’t you. Yes! You’ve come across this same dilemma once upon a time, & you had
to end up relocating the location of your cutin box to allow for you being able to finish your project….I know.
It’s happened to “joe” before too. In fact….most everyone who does little electrical projects I’m sure, have come
across this same predicament! Well stay tuned…..”joe” has found a way to install the cutin electrical outlet box
after all……in the same location….fire block & all!! You’ve got to see this as it could come in handy for you!
Joe has prepared a quick instructional howto video series for this, so sit back & enjoy the ride!

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