Installing The Rough Electrical For A Ceiling Fan & Wall Switch

Installing the rough electrical, for a ceiling fan & wall switch, can be completed by you, if you know how. “Joe” has packed this video with 37 minutes of great content that’s a “must have” so you can install the rough electrical for your new ceiling fan & wall switch & you won’t have to pay someone else an arm & a leg to do this work that you can do yourself. Hey, if “joe” can do it, I know you can do it. For less than the price of a Big Mac, you will learn more rough electrical “stuff” than you’ve ever imagined possible, for a measly .99. This new gained knowledge can never be taken away from you. You will learn how to prepare the rough electrical for a ceiling fan & wall switch….& much more. It doesn’t even have to be for a ceiling fan. Maybe you are wanting to install a ceiling light fixture that’s attached to a new light switch. This video can apply for that too. You will also learn how to remove an existing 2 gang light switch box & install a 3gang cutin electrical outlet box, for your new light switch. You can always apply this electrical know-how to numerous electrical projects that you might have in mind. What do you have to lose?……..99! (less than the cost of a slice of pizza…..that’s what) & I’ll bet you won’t be losing that, once you see how much you will be learning. This is cheap for 37 minutes of one on one from an expert like “joe”. Can you go without a cup of coffee today so you can watch “joe” teach you a few things that will more than save you a cup of coffee, for the next few weeks? You’ll be clambering up the wall to see what he’s got in store for you next when you see how easy he makes things for you. Step by step, “joe” goes through the motions for installing the rough electrical for a new ceiling fan & wall switch. Are you ready to be the new “joe” electrician on the block? You will be after watching this very informative 37 minute video. How can an average “joe” make any money at this by only asking .99 for this video? Can’t answer that. All I can say is “joe’s” loss is your gain! Need more subscribers for your youtube channel?….click here:

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