Kichler Industrial Ceiling Fan

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Kichler 56″ Industrial ceiling fan in satin black, brand new in original box. You guys know I really like experiencing Kichler fans, it seems like they’re always bettering their products and as I always say, there’s a tangible quality; it doesn’t feel cheap. These fans became particularly interesting to me lately because a few in this same finish were installed in my local Sonic drive in when it got built a couple years ago, and I thought they looked pretty cool in that location. It’s clearly not the best industrial fan on the market, definitely far from being the fastest and the air movement is marginal at best. However, I think they elevated the design of your basic ‘industrial’ fan with this one, and I think it’s a nice option for lighter applications where you’d maybe want a little bit more flair with the appearance. I really like how it looks both in motion and when off, the blade shape is very dramatic and adds something a little unexpected. It’s built well like the other Kichler products I’ve worked with, honestly my main issue again is the METAL ball. It’s constructed very well but it’s all metal on metal on metal contact which transmits hum very easily, a nylon or plastic ball would easily solve that but I can’t even swap it myself since Kichler fans utilize a larger ball than what is ‘standard’. Honestly still like it a lot though, definitely something a little more unique.

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