Kmart Heritage Lancaster Ceiling Fan

UPDATE May 2016: I’ve had this fan for half a decade now, and I haven’t been using this fan for (at least) 3 years now, but now I’m using it again.

Heritage Lancaster 52″ ceiling fan from Kmart brand new in Box (shown at the beginning). This is one of my childhood fans (it’s made in the mid-to-late 2000’s). It’s in polished brass, has rosewood blades on the other side, came with everything and a really short downrod (not shown in the video),the light bulbs are from my spotlight-kit of my Farmington. Click at 0:55 to skip to see the fan that is already installed. There’s nothing wrong with it,it’s a spectacular fan (though it has a little wobble on medium and high,but I’m okay with that). Video of showing the box was filmed 5/10/11, and the video of showing the fan running was filmed 5/11/11.

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