Lichtenberg Figure – Longboard Custom Woodburning Hack With Electricity

My Longboard deck hack, gave it a custom finish with Lichtenberg Figure etching and the glow in the dark resin. Looks awesome at night cool project!

Pictures here on my FB

Nice custom build, finished with what i use on furniture, osmo hard wax oil, grip seemed good wearing the usual cheap asda/walmart shoes, i wasnt hitting the curves hard though, im a bit rusty plus ive got zero pads and protection anymore. Need to invest in some I reckon.
Nice unique finish with the Lichtenberg Figure, it took a nice pattern although it was slow to start, i was also really wary of soaking so much the ply started separating. When it gets really exciting is I think the glue heating up and gasifying, unless there were some pockets of wood resin in the timber, that might do the same effect.

Total pita taking off the grip tape, i dont have a heat gun so used the rocket stove to heat and then pulled off the tape, used wipes to clean this one up.

Cool music once again by Scott Buckley with thanks!
Track – Supernova

Licensed under creative Commons 4.0

Burning wood with electricity / Lichtenberg Figure with Microwave transformers is dangerous, im a highly trained professional, well actually no, just some dude in his shed experimenting, copy what i do at your own risk, and there is a serious risk so take all precautions when messing with electricity.

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