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Toowoomba Mobile Has Arrived!

And just those who capitalize on this new marketing device can remain on top of their competitors. Marketing services and products utilizing mobile gadgets is taking over more traditional types of advertising, the same way internet the wireless interactions sector’s current study said that in the US alone, cordless customers total about 292.8 million. There were 1.8 trillion messages sent in 2010 and TEXT- ready mobile gadgets went up to 243.7 M. This presents an advertising chance that any wise entrepreneur ought to not overlook.


About 80 % or more than 250 million people in the United States are mobile individuals. Four out of five teenagers own a mobile device, and they use their devices such as smart phones and tablets not just for connecting, however more so for home entertainment – to download songs, games, watch videos or look into the latest chatters through their social networks. However, this revolution is not simply happening in the United States alone!

There are now 30 countries in the world that have topped the 100 % mobile gadget to population ratio. About 4 billion people globally are now mobile customers, with China (not surprisingly) having the most subscribers at about 400 million. By 2012, it is predicted that the lot of mobile individuals will go over the 5 billion mark!

The amazing infestation of mobile users has actually opened many opportunities for online marketers and even for small businessmen who offer this new technological advance some serious idea and utilize it to their benefit.

Based upon the figures offered above, it is clear that mobile advertising is the new wave of advertising and it can not be disregarded. Doing so will put you and your business at a drawback! So continue reading and find out how you can use mobile marketing as a tool to expand your consumer base and grow your business enterprise.

Are You Prepared For Mobile Advertising?

Many years back, the word “mobile advertising” referred to advertising on-the-go, meanings little signboards or posters displayed on top or on the sides of cars. Nowadays, it describes ad campaigns sent out with TEXT, SMS or bluetooth over mobile devices such as mobile phone and electronic tablets.

In 2002, big name brands such as McDonalds and Coke did among the greatest text projects in the start of mobile advertising. It was an extremely effective project that was done during the heat of the World Cup season, where consumers were asked to send a message to a short coded number to sign up with a raffle. It was proof that consumers were ready for something individual and new– using their smart phones to respond to an advertising campaign.

Opportunities for selling products and services over a mobile network have been anticipated at least a decade ago, but it is just in the past 2-3 years that it is fast coming true. This rapid growth is because of the remarkable sales of tablets and smartphones along with the geomapping services offered by Google that allows location-based advertising.

It took only one month to sell 1 million iPads, which is now the fastest selling internet-ready mobile device! Today, there are even more smartphones being built and sold than desktop computers and notebooks, and this is something that any clever businessman must consider when making an advertising plan. It is forecasted that in 2020, about 10 billion mobile internet devices will be in use worldwide.

So how do you take advantage of this brand-new revolution and get a piece of the action for your very own business?
The trick is understanding exactly what mobile marketing is everything about and understanding how you can put your company at the center of all these advancements.

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