Modern Ceiling Lights (how To Install) — By Home Repair Tutor

Installing modern ceiling lights will make your house look way better.

Hi there, this is Jeff with Home Repair Tutor and this tutorial will show you how to change out old ceiling lights with new modern ones. And you’ll do it without getting shocked or dropping the light on your head!!

Both of which have happened to me (in the not too distant past).

Electrical work is dangerous. So please turn off the electricity to your lights at the circuit breaker or fuse box before doing anything else.

You should also use a voltage detector to check that the wires in the light’s junction box are not live or have electricity running through them. Voltage detectors, in my humble opinion, should be in everyone’s tool box. They are less than and can save your life.

Once you’re sure the electricity is off you can start your project.

Check out my video for all the details and a step-y-step guide

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