‘Modular Switches For Home Electrical Wiring’ By ContractorBhai.com

“Modular Switches” by ContractorBhai.com
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So What you are seeing right now is modular switch. Switches nowadays are commonly called modular switch. This is a switch board and all this parts this covered plate, switches and sockets this are all separate parts and like a modular system all parts are separate and you can replace them as and when required. So let’s say for exapmle if this thing was inside a wall and switch goes bad and you want to replace it, so this cover plat comes out, you un screw the four points and on the back side there are locks for every items, for switch for sockets. So you can try to open the locks and the switch comes out OK, and you get a new switch ofcourse there would be wiring and all that this is to be done by electrician. This video is only for information purpose. What electrician do he will unwire and remove the switch and then put a new switch inside again he would take care of the locks. It goes inside and electrician will wire the switch screw back whole thing in to the wall and the plat goes on top again, it will get lock aswell. So this switches are called modular switches. Because very beautifully very conveniently you can separat different parts and replace which ever parts is required and the olden days of system wooden switch board and there was lot of hassle and unorganised system inside. But modular switch makes very neat and clean and very easy to maintain.

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