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To optimize your cooling, make sure that the AC vents are not blocked or covered by curtains or drapes. Keeping the vents clean of dust and debris is also very helpful. Changing your filters at

least once a month is a must, especially if you have pets.

In the summer, using fans in combination with your air conditioner can better help circulate air to keep the temperature A Big benefit of HVAC maintenance is improved reliability. Consider it to be

an insurance policy with maintenance costs the premium being paid to reduce the chances of a system failure. Again, the key to building a successful case is documentation, otherwise the “if it

isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality may be the justification for doing nothing. Ac repair fort worth Fort worth Air Conditioning

Start with a piece of equipment or system that has not been properly maintained due to lack of resources. Review the maintenance records for the equipment or system. These records may exist in the

form of work orders, service calls, overtime costs, and customer complaints. Show what the lack of maintenance is costing the operation in terms of reactive maintenance costs and interruptions of

service. Compare this to what it would have cost to perform the required maintenance.

Don’t stop there. Quantify what would happen if that particular piece of equipment would fail and require replacement. What would it cost to replace it? How long would it take to purchase and

install the replacement? How would its failure impact operations? Would some operations have to be moved to temporary facilities, and what would the cost of that move be?

Great news segment about HVAC service plans and how to know if you should replace a unit or just make a repair. Follow the rule of 5000 according to Angie of Angie’s list.

In spite of years of studies, demonstration programs, and published stories to the contrary, most facility organizations today still operate in a reactive mode. Though facility executives know that

is far better to schedule maintenance activities using planned and predictive maintenance tools, most continue to spend the bulk of their resources operating reactively.
Ac repair oklahoma city air conditioning oklahoma city The most common reasons cited for this is the lack of sufficient resources.

This approach to maintenance with respect to HVAC systems is particularly troubling given the role that HVAC systems play in today’s facilities. HVAC systems in typical commercial buildings are

responsible for more than 40 percent of total energy use. Keeping HVAC systems running properly and at peak efficiency is the first step in managing facility energy use.

The importance of good HVAC system maintenance goes beyond just controlling energy use. Buildings today depend on properly operating systems for more than just people comfort. For example, most

telecommunications systems have requirements for specific environmental conditions to operate properly. Temperatures and humidity levels that fall outside of this range can lead to interruption in

services and even costly system failures. Sometimes the difference between keeping a business running and having to shut down is nothing more than proper HVAC system maintenance. Read the rest of

this article here.

In the summer, using fans in combination with your air conditioner can better help circulate air to keep the temperature constant. Another great addition to thisis reversing the fans to pull air up

rather than push down. It helps create a wind chill effect improving circulation.
If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, we recommend that you have one installe

You can set the air conditioner temperature to a comfortable setting while you’re at home and a higher one while you’re away. You can save substantial energy raising the temperature 4 degrees when

not home.

Drapes, curtains, and shades can also be a great help to keep the heat out. Make sure to cover the windows with your treatments to block direct sunlight from entering the house.
Weatherizing your home against air leaks is another fantastic tool. Make sure to use caulk and weather strip on doors and windows where air is can pass through.
Feel for warm air blowing in around windows and doors. Also, turn off exhaust fans and any electrical products not in use. Electronics such as TV’s and computers can cause a substantial increase in


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