New Construction Electrical, Wicks Electric

New Construction Electrical, Wicks Electric

Adam Wicks

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Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local. We’re here with Adam Wicks, Wicks Electric in Vancouver. Vancouver’s highest-rated electrical contractor. Also, they do a lot of work for Tesla installing all kinds of stuff for them. They’re the number 1 installer for Tesla. Adam is also a winner of the Top 30 under 30 from BC Business Magazine. How you doing today Adam?

Adam: Doing well, Mark, how are you?

Mark: Good. You’re actually back and back into it from your little sojourn in Europe tearing up the poor women in Europe. We’re going to talk a little bit about a new home construction, your new home electrical, when you’re doing a lot of stuff, I understand you work a lot with Refine and Design, one of the better contractors in Vancouver, is that right?

Adam: Yes, that is correct. Sam, the owner of Refine and Design is a friend of mine. I have known him for a number of years. We worked with them since day 1. Their crew was I think around 3 or 4 when we first teamed up, now they’re up past 10 or 11, as are we. We’ve worked steadily with them. They’ve added many, many projects and they’ve broadened their depth of types, residential and commercial, but today we’re focusing on residential. We completed a couple really nice residential projects for them recently. On a lot of these jobs we come in and work with Sam and the team and help design and layout the light fixtures, the pendants, the track lights, pot lights, we help figure out which types of lights and where we should be putting them.
We also come in and do the low voltage drops, the Cat 6, the Cat 5, that’s your telephone and your cable. We can also work on the sound system as well. So, this project you’re going to notice, I’m going to throw this picture up onto the screen. As you can see, that’s the final product. If you notice in the back behind the hanging pendants, you see a little circular speaker in front of the pot lights. We also did a full house surround-sound system which you can operate from your phone. We did the pot light and a pendant design. You can see the under cabinet lights. See all the nice new chrome appliances? Those all require new circuitry. We, as usual for Sam and the boys, we did the power wiring for the appliances and power and we also did some of the lighting design with their team and all the lighting, low voltage and audio work. Another successful job with Refine and Design and the boys there. We’re looking forward to many more of those coming up in the near future.

Mark: What about any kind of full house renovations, any of those, that kind of work with Refine Design? I know they do a lot of that kind of stuff too.

Adam: Absolutely, yes. I would say that they’re a pretty evenly split between residential and commercial. The residential jobs tend to be on the larger side. All their jobs are South Vancouver, Kits, downtown base, so nice and close to home. We’ve completed many full home gut, complete gut and rewire, or they have a new service, complete new wiring, new kitchen, new lighting design. Again, we add interesting cool things in there like the audio system that’s set up directly to your smart phone or tablet. Those jobs are a lot of fun. We enjoy working with Sam and the boys.

Mark: If your next project is looking for a state-of-the-art electrical contractor who delivers on time, on budget, and is very creative, these are the guys to call. Wicks Electric in Vancouver. Call to book 604-765-8439, for your next project or check out their website Thanks, Adam.

Adam: That’s great, thanks Mark. Have a good weekend.

• Winner Top 30 under 30 in 2016 from BC Business Magazine
• Tesla’s #1 installer for Electric Vehicle Charging in Vancouver

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